Canada’s Federal Government – Delegate & Disappear

The military has a pejorative phrase for when a commander shirks their responsibility – “delegate and disappear”. This ineffective leadership approach describes a leader detached from his team, who delegates, then fails to provide clear information, monitor progress, or follow up, and ... Full Article

COVID-19 Vaccine Plan Part II – September is too late

News in December of the approval and arrival of 2 COVID-19 vaccines, offered much-needed optimism that an end to lockdowns and the road to recovery was in sight. However, as the colder reality of January begins to sink in, Canada’s near term fortunes are not looking as bright. Canada’s ... Full Article

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Plan – Time is of the Essence

All hope for an end to lockdowns and the beginning of recovery are tied to a COVID- 19 vaccine. Yet with respect to when, where and how that vaccine will be rolled out; Canadians are left completely in the dark – and time is of the essence. Every day more people are being infected with […] Full Article

The Power of Information and Information is Power

In the fog of war, nothing is more critical than quality and timely information to make sound decisions on the battlefield. Information is often the difference between life and death; between success and failure. Leaders in all domains know the power of information and that “information is ... Full Article