Nation Building & Canada’s Arctic Sovereignty

Canada must return to the steady, humble, reliable nation that has defined us as a trusted partner and ally. As  a founding nation of NATO 70 years ago, Canada committed to safeguard the freedom of its peoples, the principles of democracy, individual liberty and the rule of law.

To honour that commitment we must define a comprehensive foreign policy that recognizes the turbulent times in which we live. The threats we face today are different from those we faced in the 20th Century. In many ways they are more complex. But any solution continues to require strong partnerships of like-minded and confident nations, devoted to the protection and advancement of our values.

Now is not the time for complacency, fear or retreat. Now is the time for courage, alliances and strength – we must prepare for the coming storm and face the challenges head on.

I encourage you to click through the links below to see what I have been doing as the Member of Parliament to ensure this important federal priority is heard in the riding and in Ottawa.

Articles & Newsletters


October 2020 MP Report- Yonge Subway Extension–Can’t wait 

February 2020 MP’s Report- Illegal blockades and the impact on Canada’s future

June 2019 – Defending Canada’s Arctic Sovereignty & Nation Building for the Future

September 2018 MP’s Report – My Duty, My Decision

May 2017 MP’s Report – Canada in the World: Defence and our NATO Alliance

February 2017 MP’s Report – New Year, New Roles


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NATO Parliamentary Assembly Report NATO Anti-Submarine Warfare: Rebuilding Capability, Preparing for the Future 


July 2018 – NATO Association of Canada 2018 Summer Soiree

September 2017 – NATO Parliamentary Assembly Arctic Conference

July 2017 – NATO Association of Canada 2017 Summer Soiree

June 2017 – Leksand, Sweden Delegation’s Visit to Aurora


NATO Parliamentary Assembly Report NATO Anti-Submarine Warfare: Rebuilding Capability, Preparing for the Future


Question Period- 43rd Canadian Parliament

Member’s Statements

Committee Meetings

Events in our Community

Canada’s Sovereignty, Security and Stability Town Hall with MP James Bezan – December 7th, 2018

On December 7th, 2018, my friend and colleague MP James Bezan (Selkirk–Interlake–Eastman, MB) and I hosted a roundtable on the current state of Canada’s security, stability and sovereignty. There was a clear consensus in the room – Justin Trudeau is not serious about Canada’s economic and national security. We are living in a time of unprecedented global instability with fundamental shifts in the world economy, while trade relations and defence structures are under threat – and Canada needs to take it seriously.