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April 7 Town Hall – Employment in Canada: Shifting and Uncertain

Many of my constituents have expressed their concern with the changing nature of Canada’s employment landscape. More Canadians are precariously employed than ever before – and it’s not just about having multiple part-time jobs. Our government’s definition of precarious employment ignores the critical issues surrounding contract work – lack of benefits, no minimum hours per week, and employer non-responsibility. The stress of employment instability not only affects someone’s financial health, but also their mental and physical health. It is unacceptable for this government’s Finance Minister to tell Canadians they should get used to precarious employment and prepare for job instability to be the status-quo in Canada.

Our economic security is dependent upon a government that defines the right priorities and strong federal leadership that delivers on them. I invite you to join me to have these critical conversations and provide your feedback on this key priority for Canada in 2019.

Let us know you’re coming by registering at https://bit.ly/2WfzUe6