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Why I crossed the floor to the Conservatives

On Monday, Sept. 17 I made a difficult decision to do what is right, not what is easy. When I marked an ‘x’ beside my name on the ballot in 2015, my constituents entrusted me to represent them. To honour that trust, I must do all that I can ... Full Article

My Duty, My Decision

Decisions like this are not easy, but I need to share with you, my constituents, why I had to make this change. When I became an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force, I swore an oath to give my life for Queen and Country – to serve and ... Full Article

MP’s Report: What Are Your Federal Priorities?

August is the time when you invite me into your businesses, your homes, you stop me in the grocery store or at the community pool and take the time to share with me what you think are the federal priorities facing Canada. I take these ... Full Article