One Country, One Canada

November is a month of Remembrance and the wearing of a poppy its symbol. Each November, we pause, not only to remember those who were willing to give their lives for our nation, but to reflect ...

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Read my report to the NATO PA Science and Technology Committee

I am pleased to provide my special report to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) in both English and French. The report was adopted on Monday, November 19th at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly’s Annual Session in Halifax.   NATO SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY: MAINTAINING THE EDGE AND ... Full Article

100th Anniversary of Armistice

Remembrance Day serves as a reminder of the solemn responsibility we have to recognize the significant contributions our veterans have made throughout history to preserve and protect the values for which our nation stands. Canada is a nation of peace, inclusion and acceptance. It’s these ... Full Article

NAFTA to USMCA, Not Just the Loss of “Free” Trade

Recently the Liberal Government agreed to the next version of NAFTA, now called the USMCA. How should the success of this new trade agreement be measured? To adequately evaluate the new agreement, the following three issues should be considered: Loss of Sovereignty vs. Trade Deal The USMCA is ... Full Article

Why I crossed the floor to the Conservatives

On Monday, Sept. 17 I made a difficult decision to do what is right, not what is easy. When I marked an ‘x’ beside my name on the ballot in 2015, my constituents entrusted me to represent them. To honour that trust, I must do all that I can to serve the country to the […] Full Article

My Duty, My Decision

Decisions like this are not easy, but I need to share with you, my constituents, why I had to make this change. When I became an officer in the Royal Canadian Air Force, I swore an oath to give my life for Queen and Country – to serve and defend Canada, and the values for […] Full Article